Some More P365 in Review

A review of the first of every month of 2011 for P365 πŸ˜€
001/365 (2011) - Photography032/365 {2011} - Cuddles in Bed060/365 {2011} - Say 'ello to My Li'le Friend
January: Date Night and we go to a bookstore. How pathetic are we?
February: Kids crashed with me because Josh had to crash in Lawrence.
March: We finally got a shredder πŸ˜€
091/365 {2011} - No Foolin'
April: I went into Hobby Lobby. We learned that was a bad thing then and there. I never wanted to leave, πŸ˜†
121/365 {2011} - We can have FAST now152/365 {2011} - Painted in the Sunset
May: We had to buy a new router. We have a BGN now πŸ˜€
June: Such a pretty sky captured.
182/365 {2011} - New Toy to Play With213/365 {2011} - Clusterfluff244/365 {2011} - Sun Through the Clouds
July: I got a new mini video recorder!
August: Josh got me some good ice cream
September: Mmm, good ice cream.
274/365 {2011} - Burt's Bees305/365 {2011} - NaNoWriMo has begun
October: I got some freebies to test out and review.
November: Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Time for NaNoWriMo
335/365 {2011} - My Tiger Cub
December: Ethan looked so cute in his Tiger Cub shirt!


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