006/365 [2012] – Game On

My husband and I went and did some fun running around today. He had his first scheduled day off that he didn’t request since Oct. of 2010! YAY for finally making regular!

We went to Michael’s and then Hobby Lobby. We went to Red Lobster for lunch! Yummo!
Then we went to Hastings, since the local store is closing. I picked me up some new dice, and we got Ethan a new “talking” R2D2 figurine.


2 thoughts on “006/365 [2012] – Game On

    1. I do play that, though, sadly, not as much as we’d like to. No one around us is able to do much and they were SUPPOSED to make 4 be playable over the ‘net, but it never happened 😦

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