218/366 [2012] – Mclouth, KS

218/366 [2012] - Mclouth, KS by TM2TS
218/366 [2012] – Mclouth, KS, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

My FIL has property in Mclouth, KS. We go there for oil changes, and soon, family gatherings.
He just had a house built, and the final touches are being put on. They’re planning on moving in the weekend of the 11th.
I’m excited for them. I know this has been a long process for him. A lot of stress and all that.
The house and land looks like it’s worth it, and I never have an issue going up there, because I can take my camera, and take pictures. Lots of pictures. With water, sky, land, horses, cows, dogs, and kiddos galore, I have so many things I can take a picture of.


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