236/366 [2012] – Freshly Dyed

236/366 [2012] - Freshly Dyed by TM2TS
236/366 [2012] – Freshly Dyed, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Well, my hair was. Really cannot tell, at all, that I’d colored it. It’s weird. Well, I won’t be using that product again. Fifteen minutes had to be WAY too short of a time.
The color I chose was “White Chocolate“. It was the ONLY version of blonde that they had. I’m trying to even out the color without having to pay a crapton of money for it. Looks like I’m not going to have a choice.
I’m thinking, instead of going all blonde, I’m going to try for Daphne Red. From the live-action versions of Scooby Doo. Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s version of her. I think I could pull that off. Though my face does tend to drift towards red in the winter, it really does seem to work pretty good for me, the red.


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