116/366 [2012] – Sick Again

Ethan is on Ear Infection #2.
We’re not looking into tubes at this time. His doctor was worried when she noticed he was in for his second time for one, but it was in the other ear. If it had been in the same, she would have worried, and we might have discussed tubes. Once a year, per ear, isn’t too bad.


114/366 [2012] – Pain and Suffering

At least that’s truly how it felt. I woke up from a really nice dream with a wicked migraine. Seriously wicked. Hurt so much. I broke down and took the generic migraine meds I have. Ugh. I felt so stoned. I’m not sure if it was a reaction to the aspirin, or if it was the combination of it with Claritin, but hot damn, not a fun way to spend most of the day!

099/366 [2012] – The Cause of Allergies

Sunday. So fresh. So clean.
We spent MOST of the day cleaning. So much so that the apartment was making us all sick (from fumes), so we went for a quick walk.
I love taking walks with my family. It’s kind of special.

071/366 [2012] – Trying to recover

Pushing electrolytes and all that to help with the migraine recovery. I also spent 90% of the day in bed. I wasn’t 100% but it helped.

061/366 [2012] – Sitting Outside

Via Flickr:
View I haven’t had in awhile. I love sitting outside waiting for the bus. It wasn’t too cold. It wasn’t too hot. Just a perfect weather day.

I have an extra shot, as well, because it was also Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Day.
Diabetes Day
Today is National Diabetes Day. I have a risk for it, due to family history.
I’m at risk for it because of hypoglycemia.
So, I’m spreading hope (or something).
I’m also doing it for Melissa Williams Cahill’s amazing daughter, Rachel, who has had it since she was 18 months old. She just turned fourteen. That’s strength. That’s courage.