146/366 [2012] – Hanging Out With Aunt Jamie

The boys were in Omaha for a Cub Scout Pack trip. Families had the option of going but crowds and me? Not a good thing. Plus, it was $45 per person. That would have added an extra $90 for Madi and I to go. Yeah, no.
So, we had a girls’ weekend. Jamie joined in. It was really nice!


142/366 [2012] – Tiger Badge

Ethan has officially earned his Tiger Badge!
June 01, he officially becomes a Wolf!
He’s moving on up in the Cub Scout ranks!

062/366 [2012] – Beauty in All I See

I got a new phone, an HTC Inspire. I seriously love the phone. I was going to get a Windows 7 Mango phone, but the prices were too steep. So, I “settled” and got an Android (Gingerbread) phone. It’s working awesome. Love it. Love it. Love it!

057/366 [2012] – Beads

Ethan got his bead placard for Tiger Cubs. He has done so well with Cub Scouts. He’s only missed a couple of “group” meetings, because they’re held at times I can’t make due to Girl Scouts or something.

He’s really into it, though. He loves everything about being a Tiger Cub. I love that he loves it.