Day 15: Ready

Day 15: Ready by TM2TS
Day 15: Ready, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

15. Ready: What’s ready right now? Are you ready to explore? Is your lunch ready? Are you ready to leave? This one will get you thinking.
The kids are officially ready for back to school. At least we’re pretending we are!


035/366 [2012] – Hybrid Card

I love playing with hybrid 😀
Things are more fun and personal when you add a piece of yourself into it.

023/366 [2012] – Geek Cookie Box

A cookie box hybrid that I made. I love how it turned out. Now if only I had some cookies to go inside of it.
Go on, make those cookies!!

Kit: Gamer Geek by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Template: WendyBird Designs, available on the exclusive tab of her FB fan page!