248/366 [2012] – Supernatural

248/366 [2012] - Supernatural by TM2TS
248/366 [2012] – Supernatural, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

I went and bought Sims 3 Supernatural as soon as the kids were in school. Oh yes, yes I did.
I then played from 10am to 4pm. Um, oops.
I didn’t get ANYTHING done that day.
hehe oops


243/366 [2012] – Wrath of Ashardalon

243/366 [2012] - Wrath of Ashardalon by TM2TS
243/366 [2012] – Wrath of Ashardalon, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

A Dungeons and Dragons board game.
We’re geeks/needs, my husband and I.
We like dragons. We like Dungeons and Dragons. We like role-playing games.
It’s fun.
I’m hoping we enjoy Wrath of Ashardalon.

232/366 [2012] – Reading

232/366 [2012] - Reading by TM2TS
232/366 [2012] – Reading, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Well, I think it’s considered reading.
Josh has passed on his obsession with Star Wars to our son. Ethan is always glued to it.
Then you add in Legos, and the bond is complete. They’re both fanatics for it.

092/366 [2012] – Reflect On This

I originally took this picture for the #PhotoADayApril challenge, but I couldn’t get PicPlz & my phone to work together. BUT, I still like the weird reflection.

We went out and spent Ethan’s gift cards. He got two sets of Legos, and a Star Wars toy. Boy made out well, I think, LOL!

047/366 [2012] – Sims 3 Playing

I spent most of the day playing Sims 3. Yes, most of the day. It was nice. It was fun.