Day 22: Up

Day 22: Up by TM2TS
Day 22: Up, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Via Flickr:
22. Up: Look up. Snap. Share.
Well, it’s the word up. Pre-planning a Daisy lesson for my Daisies. We’re going to learn about money!!
That’s next lesson, actually, as WELL as making some “About Me” nests!


133/366 [2012] – My Bridged Junior

Madison is now a Junior. Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that I’m a mother of a Junior!
I cannot believe that in about 7 days, she’s going to be a 4th Grader. I’m not ready for this!!

032/366 [2012] – Hiding

One of my little daisies, hiding from the camera.
Every time I showed the camera, she’d do that.
They sold a nice amount of cookies, though, during that hour long cookie booth. She even spoke.

019/366 [2012] – Daisy Baskets

Part of my Daisy gifts for the end of the year ♥
They’re spoiled. Seriously.
I love the girls. I’m only going to have like FIVE in my group next year, since three are going to transition into Brownies. :O