148/366 [2012] – Memorial Day Cupcakes

I bought them at Walmart.
Nothing fancy.
Just looked really good to me.


129/366 [2012] – Early Mother’s Day Gift

Josh got me two non-freezer marg glasses, and two freezer marg glasses.
Oh yes. I will be putting these to use soon!
Once I buy tequila.
And the mix.
Because I’m lazy.
And I like the taste of the mix!

045/366 [2012] – Pretty Flowers

Flowers I got for Valentine’s Day. I got them a day early, but it was the thought that counts. 😀
I ♥ my husband for ignoring me when I said “I don’t need flowers“. I love more that he got a bouquet with lilies though he’s slightly allergic, because it was also full of daisies, which he knows that I adore.

038/366 [2012] – Work-Out Space

Holy shit, that’s a small space I end up working out in that space. Yeah, I have to do it very carefully.

Boxes are for goodwill. Oh, and Valentine’s Day stuff for Daisies 😀
Clear tub? That’s socks. Wanna sort for me?

036/366 [2012] – Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday in my family is a big thing. Well, the family I’ve created 😀 My Indiana family? Not such big fans. My husband? HUGE fan. He’s got me understanding the rules.
The kids, I think, enjoy the food more than anything. Oh, and the fact that they get to drink soda all day. They don’t get to do that often. Pretty much only on Superbowl Sunday. Maybe Thanksgiving and Christmas, LOL.