181/366 [2012] – What a Mess

181/366 [2012] - What a Mess by TM2TS
181/366 [2012] – What a Mess, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

I need to redo the desk again.
Clean it. Organize it.
I need one of those paper organizer things.
And a pencil one. Maybe something under for other stuff.
As if I’d use them.


061/366 [2012] – Sitting Outside

Via Flickr:
View I haven’t had in awhile. I love sitting outside waiting for the bus. It wasn’t too cold. It wasn’t too hot. Just a perfect weather day.

I have an extra shot, as well, because it was also Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Day.
Diabetes Day
Today is National Diabetes Day. I have a risk for it, due to family history.
I’m at risk for it because of hypoglycemia.
So, I’m spreading hope (or something).
I’m also doing it for Melissa Williams Cahill’s amazing daughter, Rachel, who has had it since she was 18 months old. She just turned fourteen. That’s strength. That’s courage.

058/366 [2012] – Sick

I spend most of the day in bed. Major head pain and jaw throbs. It just ached.
We have a low and high pressure system meeting. When that happens, I end up down for the count.
It ended up in Migraine Territory last night 😦

056/366 [2012] – Broked

Josh broke his phone. He was able to get a new free upgrade of an HTC Inspire. Now I’m going to be getting one soon, because, yeah, I played with it for ten minutes, and liked the pinning ability of four pages LMAO.

So, I’m going Android! I’ll be using my current phone (HTC Surround) as an MP3 player. I’ll put it in Airplane Mode so I can use it that way. *w00t*

045/366 [2012] – Pretty Flowers

Flowers I got for Valentine’s Day. I got them a day early, but it was the thought that counts. 😀
I ♥ my husband for ignoring me when I said “I don’t need flowers“. I love more that he got a bouquet with lilies though he’s slightly allergic, because it was also full of daisies, which he knows that I adore.