245/366 [2012] – Light Saber

245/366 [2012] - Light Saber by TM2TS
245/366 [2012] – Light Saber, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Josh and his lightsaber. One of two that he has. Not the cheap versions. Nope, they are official ones, with the removable blades. He has BOTH of Anakin Skywalker‘s (aka Luke & Vader versions).

I ♥ my geek!!


232/366 [2012] – Reading

232/366 [2012] - Reading by TM2TS
232/366 [2012] – Reading, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Well, I think it’s considered reading.
Josh has passed on his obsession with Star Wars to our son. Ethan is always glued to it.
Then you add in Legos, and the bond is complete. They’re both fanatics for it.

144/366 [2012] – New Cut

Today was the last day of school for the kids!
Madi is officially a fourth grader. Ethan is a second grader.
We have class assignments. Every single Daisy that bridged? In Ethan’s class. Madi’s 2nd grade teacher, 😆
Josh decided today was a good day for haircuts. It was just going to be the boys. Then I decided I wanted one. Then Madi decided she needed one too.
So, we all have short hair.

129/366 [2012] – Early Mother’s Day Gift

Josh got me two non-freezer marg glasses, and two freezer marg glasses.
Oh yes. I will be putting these to use soon!
Once I buy tequila.
And the mix.
Because I’m lazy.
And I like the taste of the mix!

113/366 [2012] – Dinner Fixin’s

Josh picked up steaks a few days ago. We finally got to make them last night.
We grilled them on the Foreman, after marinating them in Signature Steakhouse by Lawry’s.
Then I made bake potatoes, in the microwave. I used the Ziploc steamers. I’d forgotten to poke holes in the potatoes, and it didn’t make a difference. I think they actually turned out better. I even cooked up some bacon to make a fully-loaded.
Even added corn to the deal. We’re a particular family. We only have frozen corn and only have canned green beans. We’re just that way.
Well, I’m that way, and I force the family to be that way. I blame my dad for that.