p365 2012 week04

p365 2012 week04 by TM2TS
p365 2012 week04, a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

p365 2012 week04 on Flickr.

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Sunday: Pinewood Derby time. Ethan came in third for his den! So proud of my little guy!

Monday: I made a hybrid! It’s a cookie box, perfect for any Geek!! The kiddos also both had a sick day.

Tuesday: I don’t even. Josh was home. Madison ended up having to stay home, for the fever.

Wednesday: The day started beautifully but ended on a not so happy note. Madison had a majorly bad day at school.

Thursday: I got the cutest, most adorable snail in the mail. I call him Snailmail. I love him!

Friday: Field Trip day. It was SO nuts, but it was nice, too. Got to meet neighbors and talk to other parents. I really did enjoy the day.

Saturday: Morning was an early start, because the Monkey had Girl Scouts, but we had to meet at the fire station at 2:30. Madi actually rode with Michelle back to the church, because I couldn’t stay, because I had to be there for the Daisies!


p365 2012 week 03

p365 2012 week 03 by TM2TS
p365 2012 week 03, a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

Template: Creations by Julie
Kit Pieces:
Colors of My Life by the GS Designers
Fresh Baked by the GS Designers
Capturing Memories by Marie H Designs
You are a Gem [February] by Marie H Designs
Project 2012: January – Mega Stash by Connie Prince
Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince
Talk to Me by Kat’s Creations

Sunday: I finally finished off the potatoes and used my fun food chopper slicer thing that Josh got me.
Monday: No School because of Martin Luther King, so the kids painted. Madi painted a horse she got for Christmas, and Ethan painted his Pinewood Derby car.
Tuesday: My Birchbox & MyGlam packages came, including nail polish, so Madi got pretty nails. She was so excited!
Wednesday: Both kids didn’t seem too thrilled to be going to school. Momma wasn’t in the best of moods either.
Thursday: My Oriental Trading order came in, including Daisy baskets for my Daisies!
Friday: I got sick. Officially sick. Wanting, no needing, to sleep all day. Yeah, that’s what I did. Made some gingerbread cookies too, though.
Saturday: I started to feel better after a shower, but a few hours later, I felt just as bad. I hate when I’m sick!

022/366 [2012] – Pinewood Derby

My son’s is #17, the red one next to the Wiimote. Too freaking cool!
He came in 23 out of 45. He came in 3rd for his Den (Tigers).
We’re so proud of him!

016/366 [2012] – Painting

Ethan painted his Pinewood Derby car and Madison painted her My Little Pony figurine that my parents got her.
They had a lot of fun! They seemed to be pretty proud of the work they’d done, as well.