252/366 [2012] – Girl Scouts 2012-13 Has Begun

252/366 [2012] - Girl Scouts 2012-13 Has Begun by TM2TS
252/366 [2012] – Girl Scouts 2012-13 Has Begun, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I cannot believe that the new year for Girl Scouts is upon us.
Becky had a great day planned, something to bring the whole troop together.
We made Duct Tape bracelets. We just did the basics this time, but we have the ability to go more in-depth and funky later.
I’m excited to see what this year will bring forth.


175/366 [2012] – Scout Sleeper

175/366 [2012] - Scout Sleeper by TM2TS
175/366 [2012] – Scout Sleeper, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Ethan had his first real camp-out.
He got rained on.
But he had fun!

146/366 [2012] – Hanging Out With Aunt Jamie

The boys were in Omaha for a Cub Scout Pack trip. Families had the option of going but crowds and me? Not a good thing. Plus, it was $45 per person. That would have added an extra $90 for Madi and I to go. Yeah, no.
So, we had a girls’ weekend. Jamie joined in. It was really nice!

142/366 [2012] – Tiger Badge

Ethan has officially earned his Tiger Badge!
June 01, he officially becomes a Wolf!
He’s moving on up in the Cub Scout ranks!

127/366 [2012] – Packing Up

The end of Back to Basics. The girls are packing up, ready to leave.
They actually did a great job. They cleaned up most of it, all by themselves.
They kept offering their services to other campers. They were epitomizing what it means to be a Girl Scout.